Headstone Cleaning

Is your loved one’s headstone looking tired, weathered and in need of a clean?  

RH Snow Memorials are specialists in memorial cleaning and restoration.  With decades of experience our memorial cleaners know the individual care and attention required to professionally clean personalized granite, marble and other stone tributes.

Turn back the ravages of time and restore your loved one’s memorial to it’s former glory.

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Headstone cleaning do’s and dont’s

Keeping a loved one’s memorial clean and tidy is of upmost importance to friends and family.  

As part of their regular upkeep many people choose to perform quick cleans between their professional deep cleanings.  It is however important to use the correct technique appropriate to your type of stone.  This can help to avoid any chance of intentional damage which can and does occur.

Cleaning marble memorials/headstones

The pores of marble stone can soak up dirt so marble headstones should be cleaned periodically.

Use soapy water only.  Do not clean marble with chemicals such as bleach and detergents.  This can permanently damage the texture of the stone and  accelerate weathering.  Using chemicals can also be harmful to the surrounding environment, grass and plants.

Cleaning granite memorials/headstones

Most granite requires very little maintenance and weathers slowly over time.  Generally granite that is highly polished will not need regular cleaning – though will want cleaning eventually.  Simply wiping with a damp cloth should be sufficient for most granite memorials.  For more stubborn stains soapy water can be used.

Matte finish granite weathers more quickly than polished and so may require closer attention.

General cleaning advice

If you do decide to clean a headstone or memorial yourself be very careful with any lettering as it is possible to cause flaking and deterioration with improper technique.

Avoid scrubbing or rubbing lettering, instead a light dabbing should be used at most.  

If in doubt contact a local memorial cleaning specialist.  You can reach the specialists at R.H. Snow Memorial Works at: 860-887-4524.

R.H. Snow services the areas of Norwich CT, Bozrah CT, Franklin CT, Ledyard CT, Lisbon CT, Montville CT, Sprague CT.