8 Steps to Clean a Loved One’s Headstone


Headstones are the last memorials of your loved ones that we want to preserve forever. Over the years, exposure to elements can cause headstones to deteriorate. Fallen leaves, foliage growth, bird droppings, tree sap and many other things can affect the condition of the headstone. Periodic cleaning can prevent dirt, grime and decay and keep […]

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When to Clean or Restore a Headstone?

You want to keep your loved one’s headstone looking it’s best, and importantly you want it to stand the test of time, serving as a testament to their life.  It can be upsetting when adverse weather takes it’s toll on headstones. Often memorials can be freshened up with a simple clean, other times they might […]

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How to Clean Stone Memorials Safely

Stone memorials are very robust and durable when left to nature’s elements – but when it comes to man-made chemicals and cleaning processes they’re a little more vulnerable. We are often asked about the best way to keep headstones and memorials clean. The first rule is to ask yourself:   1. “Does it really need […]

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