A Guide to Choosing Headstone Engravings: Honoring Memory in Stone

Headstone engravings

For centuries, headstones have served as physical markers of remembrance, offering solace and reflection for loved ones lost. These silent sentinels stand guard over stories untold, whispers of lives lived. Headstone engravings play a crucial role in this narrative, breathing life into stone and creating a lasting tribute. While many may envision the iconic image […]

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Headstone Inscriptions: Tips for Restoration and Replication

headstone inscriptions

When you stroll through an old cemetery, the headstones can tell you more than just names and dates. They hold stories, memories, and history etched into their headstone inscriptions. These inscriptions are a unique form of artistry and communication that link us to the past. However, the ravages of time can take a toll on […]

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How Flat Headstones Offer Value and Affordability

Flat headstone

Flat headstones have long been recognized as a classic and timeless option for memorializing our loved ones. With their sleek design and simplicity, flat headstones provide a dignified resting place while offering significant value and affordability. In this blog post, we will explore why flat headstones have become a popular choice for many families, emphasizing […]

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Memorial Symbols & Their Meanings

For anyone unfamiliar with creating a family headstone or memorial, knowing where to begin with a design can seem like a whole new world.  Walk around local cemeteries and you’ll find headstones with a variety of designs, shapes and styles; very often including one, two or several symbols.  People choose symbols for varying reasons, often […]

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