Does a Memorial Needs Restoration? Here’s What To Look For.

memorial needs restoration

Here are clues to look for to determine if your loved ones memorial needs restoration

A memorial or a headstone serves as an everlasting tribute to a life worth remembering. It is important to preserve the headstone in good condition to show your reverence and appreciation for your loved one’s memories. Due to exposure to harsh elements such as extreme temperatures, snow, rains and winds, headstones tend to erode over time. You might find that the memorial looks dirty and the engravings have become hard to read. Thankfully, there are monument restoration professionals that can restore the old headstones to their original glory. Here are some reasons why you might need to seek help from a monument restoration expert.

Dirt accumulation

Accumulation grit and dirt is a clear sign the memorial need restoration. Like anything that is left outside for a long time, headstones can become very dirty and unsightly over time. It can happen due to normal aging, exposure to elements, and other environmental factors such as pollution. It can also become dirty with bird droppings and fallen leaves and twigs. Lichen, algae, mold, mildew and moss growth can also stain the headstones making them look dirty and dark. Unless the headstone is cleaned regularly, the dirt will keep accumulating and become hard to clean. In such cases, it is best to seek help from professional monument restoration services to clean and revamp the headstone to its original beauty.

Chipped or cracked headstone

Headstones are constantly exposed to outdoor elements such as snow, rain, acid rain and more. Constant exposure to these elements can cause the headstone to develops cracks. These cracks may be small or large depending on the material of the headstone. The cracks do not just affect the aesthetics of the headstone but also make it prone to further damage. Monument restoration can repair all the chips and cracks, and make the headstone look as good as new.

Chipping paint

With time, the paint on the headstone can degrade. Some factors that can cause the paint to fade include elements such as sunlight, rain and snow. Also, some types of memorials such as flat headstones may get faded sooner than other types of headstones. Another important factor is the location of the headstone. If it is placed in a shaded area or someplace where water tends to collect, the paint will wear out sooner. When the paint gets chipped or faded, it greatly affects the aesthetics and overall experience, and restoration may become necessary.

Faded lettering

The letter on the headstone also tends to fade over time. When the letter is clear, it helps visitors easily identify the headstone, pay respects and remember all the wonderful time spent with the loved one. If it has become hard to read what is etched in the headstone, it is another sign that your memorial needs restoration. Faded writing on the headstone can be cleaned, repainted or re-etched as necessary to make it easy to read the inscriptions.

Monument sinking

Over time, the ground that supports the headstone can erode, shift or settle, and cause it to sink deeper into the ground. Ultimately, a time may come when the headstone sinks so much into the ground that the lettering and epitaph gets hidden. Monument restoration experts can refill the soil and restore the headstone to its original position. If required, they can also install a new base under the headstone to raise it higher off the ground.

Most memorials are made to stand the test of times. It is best to tend to repairs and maintenance needs as they arise. This not only keeps the memorial looking great, but also increases its longevity. If you are noticing signs that your memorial needs restoration, you must in touch with a professional monument restoration expert. They will inspect the monument, and carry out repair and restoration to bring the monument back to its original glory.