6 Reasons to Choose a Granite Monument

When you commission a personalized monument you expect a long-standing testament that will last the test of time. To ensure this, it is important that you carefully select the right material to ensure your loved one’s memory will continue to live on.

Granite is by far the top choice when it comes to a durable headstone/monument and here are 4 reasons why:

1. Granite is highly durable

Granite is made up of strong, tightly packed minerals including quartz, mica and feldspar which combine to provide superior strength and durability. Granite has a MOHs rating of 6-7, to give you an idea of its hardness, a knife will do virtually nothing to granite.


MOHs Hardness Rating of Different Gem Stones


In comparison some other stone’s hardness ratings are:

  • Marble – 3
  • Bronze – 3
  • Limestone – 3.5

Granite has even been used in construction and has lasted as good as many other materials; in fact granite can last for many centuries without losing it’s structural integrity.


2. Granite is resistant to water

Of course, you expect any stone monument to be able to withstand the outside elements such as rain and snow. Some stones however are more porous than others, over time marble for instance can succumb to pollution and erosion from the elements. Most people find that granite over other stones is a good choice when it comes to water resistance.


3. Heat and scratch-resistant

Granite monuments are resistant to a lot of what nature can throw at them. Not only are they highly scratch resistant but they stand up well against constant direct sunlight without fading. This is thanks in part to the fact that the compounds are so tightly packed that they are not easily tarnished or separated.


4. Repairs are unlikely

Perhaps overall granite continues to prove popular because people know that it will last and that they probably won’t need to pay for any repairs. Thanks to its strength and multi-resistant properties granite monument repairs are very rare.


5. Granite expands your color choice

Granite is much more flexible in terms of color choice than say, marble. Marble tends to come in muted tones of greys and whites – if you do find other colors they may be limited or more costly. Granite stone can be found in reds, browns, greens, blues and more.


6. Granite shows inscriptions well

Most of us have seen worn away lettering in church graveyards and cemeteries. Stones that are softer than granite can be more susceptible to acid rain which can erode away the inscriptions over time so that they are more difficult to read. Since granite is not so easily eroded, lettering can hold its clarity for far longer.

Are you in the process of choosing a stone material for your loved one’s memorial? Consider granite for a long-lasting headstone that will last a lifetime. To find out more about granite and other options that may suit you, do not hesitate to contact R H Snow Memorial Works.