All You Need to Know About Granite Headstones

Granite headstones

Learn what you need to know about granite headstones

A headstone is an enduring tribute to the departed souls and play an important role in the grieving process. So, it is important to choose a headstone that not only looks good and but also keeps their memories alive for years to come. For this reason, granite is a popular choice for memorials. It is the hardest material around and comes in a wide variety of colors. Each granite slab has a different pattern and design, which gives it a unique look. It is a versatile material that can be carved into different shapes and designs, and can maintain its beauty for a long time. Let us check out some unique features of granite and what makes it a material of choice for memorials.

What exactly is granite?

The word granite is derived from the Latin word for “Granum”, which means grain. It refers to the granular crystalline structure of the stone. Granite is mainly made of quartz and feldspar, and contains some amount of mica and other minerals as well.

Quartz and feldspar form a tight, interlocking structure with other minerals spread throughout the stone. This creates a tight crystalline structure which makes granite hard, dense and tough. It is also difficult for water to penetrate into the stone and that’s why granite can withstand elements better and last longer time without losing its structural integrity or characteristic appearance. These qualities make granite a preferred stone for construction and for making memorials and other similar structures.

It is, however, important to note that not all granite is equal in terms of durability. Granite is graded based on its density, consistency, structural integrity, durability and suitability for cutting and crafting.

Low grade granite is usually prone to discoloration and chipping. It is low density and have inconsistencies. Normally, it is difficult to make intricate designs on low grade granite. On the other hand, high grade granite is expensive but it lasts very long and has a unique aesthetic appeal. A memorial made of high-grade granite will continue to look great even after centuries and require very little maintenance.

Benefits of choosing granite headstones

Perfect material for etching and engraving: Granite is a versatile material and very effective for cutting, carving, etching and engraving. If you are looking to create unique, beautiful and intricate engravings on your loved one’s headstone, granite is the perfect material for that.

Aesthetically appealing: Granite headstones come in a wide variety of natural colors with hues of blue, green, gold and grey. In fact, no two pieces of granite are identical as they have variations in patterns and colors. With different colors to choose from, you can create a headstone that celebrates the individuality of the departed soul and reflects their personality in the best possible way.

Easy maintenance: It is very easy to clean and maintain the original beauty of a granite headstone. You can simply use water and a soft cloth to clean up all the debris or moss.

Durability: Unlike most other materials such as sandstone or marble, granite does not stain or deteriorate. It can better withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail. Granite headstones and their carvings can last through generations without losing their original charm.

Why people choose granite headstones

If you are looking to create a unique memorial that aptly pays tribute to the life of your deceased loved ones, Granite headstones are a great material. You can create individualized and intricate designs, which do not lose appeal over the years. Speak to our experts to discuss material selection, design, cost and other features. Our artisans can create highly personalized and beautiful epitaphs on your deceased loved one’s headstone.