When to Clean or Restore a Headstone?

You want to keep your loved one’s headstone looking it’s best, and importantly you want it to stand the test of time, serving as a testament to their life.  It can be upsetting when adverse weather takes it’s toll on headstones.

Often memorials can be freshened up with a simple clean, other times they might need professional restoration.  Let’s look at when you might need both and the techniques involved.


Headstone cleaning

You can easily clean a headstone yourself, though some people like to pay a professional for peace of mind.

Check for imperfections

Though memorial stones appear to be extremely tough and durable, they can be vulnerable when handled incorrectly.  Check for any cracks or imperfections before you begin.  Be aware that some cleaners make these imperfections worse.

Clean water and a soft cloth/brush

The best method for cleaning a headstone or marker is always to use the safest technique first to avoid damage and that’s simple clean or distilled water.  Use hot or cold water as preferred.

Headstones can be porous, absorbing any soaps, detergents or chemicals you use, so plain water is always safest.

What to do if water is not enough

The next step is to use a non-ionic soap/detergent.  Some people are not comfortable about getting more stubborn stains out from the headstone themselves and prefer to use a professional headstone cleaning service instead.  R.H. Snow Memorial works are experienced in using the right cleaning materials and techniques to revive tired-looking headstones and prolong their lifespan.


Headstone Restoration

Restoration is a little different to headstone cleaning.  It’s use to restore and touch up faded lettering, repair parts of the stone or reset it – when the stone has sunk or tilted.

Unsure if your loved one’s stone can benefit from a restorative service?  It isn’t always clear, unless of course the stone has completely toppled over or has a large dent.  A memorial specialist can inspect your stone for you and advise on what can be done to bring it back to it’s natural state.  Often a professional clean is what is needed to make the stone bright and proud.


Need memorial cleaning or restoration help in the Norwich, CT area?

R.H. Snow Memorial Works has been crafting and caring for headstones, memorials and markers for many years.  R.H. Snow offers:

  • Safe, specially formulated cleaning agents designed for memorials – so there’s no risk of damage.
  • Careful removal of dirt and debris to
  • Faithful restoration which ensures your loved one’s resting place is treated with respect and integrity at all times.

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